Say something special.
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MiC Marketing + Communications | Boutique MarCom agency that helps you say something special.
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MiC Marketing + Communications

We'll help you say something special.

Welcome to MiC Marketing + Communications!  Your brand is everything said by you and about you. When you use the MiC, not only will you amplify that, but your brand will always be in the right key to the right audience. How? Our strategic process begins with your brand’s story and ends with your brand’s success – our promise to you.

With MiC, your brand’s story will be louder, prouder and more genuine than ever before. 

Say what really counts.

The right words at the right time in the right way is central to your message. Let MiC craft it so that you can say it loud and proud.

Results That Speak To You

Every time you have something to say, there's a reason behind it. MiC can help turn your words into messages, action, and most importantly, results.

They'll Favorite, Love, and Like What You Say

Communications and branding are linked to the digital world, an extension of the real one where the language is a little different. MiC is the perfect link to your brand and campaign for digital success.

Connecting the Dots

You have goals, and we can chart your path right to them. Whether it's for public consumption or to motivate your workforce, MiC will get you the simplest answer. You won't need to read between the lines.

Finding the right words can enhance your brand, control the message and create new opportunities for your success. Visit our blog for insights and ideas that will boost the quality of your unique sound.