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MiC Marketing + Communications | Article: How to lead better one-on-ones
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Article: How to lead better one-on-ones

Article: How to lead better one-on-ones

I wrote this article that originally appeared on the BellMTS Business Hub blog. Writing on various business topics, I like to keep keenly aware of the landscape in many different industries. You can find this and more articles written by me on the BellMTS Business Hub.

As a supervisor in your company, you may find meeting after meeting a little grating. You start to lean on things like email and the company intranet to do the job of communicating with your colleagues and direct reports. Soon enough, all of the technology and conference calls become a list of other people’s priorities — and you don’t have enough quality time for one-on-one talks with your very own team. That can cause them to disengage.

There’s something to be said for the power and importance of one-on-one meetings. Not only do they shake things up from the dullness of routine digital communications, but they also provide you with a unique opportunity to connect with your team in a valuable way. Doing a one-on-one the right way can give you professional and personal insight on the employees that make up your team, helping you to:

  • Find out what’s on your employees’ minds
  • Discover what motivates them
  • Plan for their personal development and professional growth
  • Air out challenges and prevent resentment from festering
  • Incite their engagement

In short, this will boost morale, improve productivity and support your efforts in reaching your business goals.

The wrong approach can turn one-on-one meetings into just another missed opportunity, so here are a few pointers to ensure yours are on the mark.

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