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MiC Marketing + Communications | Article: How live video can really boost your brand
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Article: How live video can really boost your brand

Article: How live video can really boost your brand

I wrote this article that originally appeared on the BellMTS Business Hub blog. Writing on various business topics, I like to keep keenly aware of the landscape in many different industries. You can find this and more articles written by me on the BellMTS Business Hub.

With options like Facebook LiveYouTube Live, and Periscope, live video has become a permanent part of the digital landscape for consumers. In fact, it’s estimated that 13 per cent of online video content will be for live video, and that’s destined to grow. Now, businesses around the world are getting in on this new medium — and your company can, too.

Live streaming video is a fantastic way to engage your current audiences and build new ones. Not only that, you can strengthen your marketing repertoire by utilizing one of the most impactful types of content in the market.

Why you should go live

There’s safety in the polish of scripted videos. And when it’s your brand on display, why not treat it with only the finest care, right?

Well, the truth is that audiences can tell the difference between live video and scripted video — and they’re much much more forgiving of non-scripted content.

Live video holds several other benefits in comparison to scripted.

Allows for more creation of video

The most engaging content type by far, video normally requires extra attention in terms of planning and ensuring that the right message gets across. However, with live video, audiences tend to be a little more forgiving and just as engaged.

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