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About MiC

Helping You Say Something Special.

About MiC Marketing + Communications

MiC Marketing + Communications is a boutique marketing and communications agency based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We provide expertise in design, communications, professional writing and more for print and digital. Central to our work are our marketing and communications campaigns, and our novel message development.

There is one thing we provide above all: Strategy.

Why? Because there is one thing we provide above all, and that is Strategy. Strategy is the thread for the best creative, the most engaging speeches, and the messages that will stick with your audience.


No two clients are the same, and we will ensure that you have a tailored solution will amplify your results. If you are a company looking to reach to the right people at the right time with the perfect message, you only need to do one thing: speak with the MiC in hand.


I’m Michael Badejo, Communications Chief and Owner of MiC Marketing + Communications. My extensive background in writing, strategy design for organizations big and small (including Winnipeg Airports Authority, Chartered Professional Accountants of Manitoba, and iGrad) means that no matter the challenge, we will deliver results that speak for themselves.