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What Strategy Sounds Like.

Finding the right words can be hard. Let us help you do it.

At MiC Marketing + Communications, you can count on us to deliver the perfect rendition of a brand strategy for you in several areas. Here are some of the specialties in our repertoire.

Strategic Content Creation

This is what separates MiC from the rest, and thread your goals to results. We will compose a strategy for your needs, execute it and ensure it resonates with a very important audience: you and yours.

Perfect Pitch Scripting

They'll always remember the way you made them feel. Let us make sure you hit the mark when they do: MiC will help you find the words that stand the test of time.

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Being in the digital space is like a phone number: you need to have it. Let us shape it to get you the most out of it and help you reach your goals.

Marketing Communications Campaigns

Sometimes, the right approach requires a launch pad. Let MiC bring you a big idea that will provide results and echo with your audience.

Media Outreach and Relations

Your story is worth telling. We can help put your best foot forward with the media and get a win-win for both you and the outlets - from online channels to newspapers.