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MiC Marketing + Communications | Article: How to Lead a New Team to Success
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Article: How to Lead a New Team to Success

Article: How to Lead a New Team to Success

I wrote this article that originally appeared on the BellMTS Business Hub blog. Writing on various business topics, I like to keep keenly aware of the landscape in many different industries. You can find this and more articles written by me on the BellMTS Business Hub.

As a small business leader, you know that your company is only as strong as the people who make up the team. Your employees will flourish with a directive and strategy — especially in a new environment.

It takes work to build this momentum, but you can get the ball rolling faster if you give your team the tools to succeed. Here are some tips to help you build a great team quickly.

You’re the foundation of the company: Lead by example

Part of building the team is leading the team. It’s important that you both tell and demonstrate your employees your company values, as well as the energy they should bring to the job. This is a vetted strategy that works for every organization, from those just starting out to even global corporations like Elon Musk’s SpaceX (one of the world’s most successful startups).

As Musk recalls, leaders in his companies “are expected to work harder than those who report to them and always make sure that their needs are taken care of before yours, thus leading by example.” He pushes his senior executives to engage and motivate their employees by going above and beyond.

This approach will have employees return the favour and encourage commitment to success. Don’t forget to let them in on the success as well — it will earn goodwill and help them vest more interest in your company’s success.

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